The Mission and The Benefits of CROPS 2017

It aims to enhance integration of Russian and Chinese participants into worldwide SPIE, OSA and IEEE activity. Officers of Russian and Chinese Chapters will discuss the advantages of Chapter activity and present their achievements. Chapter success stories from the oldest chapters of the region (like Bauman or ITMO Univ. Chapter) and from the newest (like Orel State Univ. Chapter) will be presented.

Participation in Chinese-Russian Optics & Photonics Symposium has following benefits:

1. Participation in conference: you will able to present your own scientific results and see cutting-edge technologies from other participants.

2. You will listen to world's top lecturers.

3. Seminars at everyday lab's topics such as modelling, programmer's tricks and other.

4. Seminars with lifehacks for high quality presentations and tips for successful publication.

5. Joint SPIE/OSA/IEEE leadership events.

6. Lab tour and tours to local optical manufacturers. (If you are a representative of one of them, you are welcome to represent yourselves:).

7. St.Petersburg excursions.

8. Publication of proceedings paper in IOP Conference Series journal, indexed by Scopus.

9. The best posters, presentations and proceedings will be nominated to CROPS 2017 Awards.

10. Some amount of Travel Grants is available.

Welcome to the epicentre. Welcome to CROPS!

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