Mission and Benefits of Biophotonics 2020

It aims to enhance the knowledge of biophotonics by attending lectures given by the world-famous professors. The lectures will give students an overview of each biophotonic research area and today’s cutting age biophotonic technologies. and shall be helpful in choosing future research topics or careers. Since the summer school is sponsored by SPIE, OSA and IEEE, a student chapter meeting will also be held. Officers and members of several student chapters will discuss the advantages of Chapter activity and present their achievements. Students are encouraged to do networking with the professors and young researchers as a preparation for the future career development.

Participation in Biophotonics 2020 has following benefits:

1. Lectures given by world-famous professors.

2. Seminars at everyday lab's topics such as modelling, programmer's tricks and other.

3. Do presentations about your own researches and get advises from others. For early-stage researchers it’s a good practice.

4. Join SPIE/OSA/IEEE student chapter meeting.

5. Lab tours.

6. Networking with professors and young researchers.

Welcome to Biophotonics 2020!

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