The open doors day and “Magic of Optics”

25 January 2015 Optical Student Chapter supervised 2-nd ITMO University Open Day for applicants, where students could share their experience about studying at the university on a par with graduated Ph.D.-s and faculty deans. A lot of volunteers were involved in the process of presenting Department of Photonics and Informatical Optics and some other photonic-related institutions. One of the most fundamental topics for which they paid attention was about how to implement their own skills in each of the departments.

In the lobby of the University, an interactive exposition called «Magic of Optics» was organized.  OSC members have demonstrated and explained to applicants the essence of physical phenomena, which are strongly connected with their scientific researches. «We show really cool and interesting stuff. Here you can see such things like liquid crystals, which change their color against the contact. You can play laser chess and take a closer look at different optical elements and devices: lenses, prisms, diffraction gratings and semi-conductor lasers. Visitors can take every item and try to repeat the demonstration. Also everyone has the opportunity to get more information about phenomenon they are interested in» – explained Solveiga Azbite, volunteer of the exposition.