• OSC (Optical Students Chapter)

Community Optical Students Chapter is a platform for communication and exchange of ideas on a global scale. The OSC ITMO University student cell consists of five international scientific associations. The most important and largest of them are the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), Society of Photo-Optical Instrumentation Engineers (SPIE) and Optical Society of America (OSA). Any student or graduate student of the ITMO University can become a member of these communities through the OSC.

Membership in the student’s optical cell opens and facilitates the path to scientific publications, international conferences and communication with scientists around the world. And if, for example, IEEE attracts mainly mature scientists – graduate students, PhDs, the conference held by OSA and SPIE, is always open to students.

OSC is not just a representative of associations in the Saint Petersburg State University of Information Technologies, but also a community that seeks ways to develop scientific potential of students from the very first year of study.

By personal example we try to show what students can do to achieve significant results in research activities. We demonstrate what can happen if the student takes part in the conference, publishes his first article or applies for a grant. Success stories speak for themselves. For example, in 2011, 11 students received the scholarship of the University ITMO SPIE, which is one third of the total number of scholarships awarded by the international community.
If you have any achievements, go ahead, apply for grants! For any student scholarship or grant is a real opportunity to ensure the development of his scientific work. This way you can ensure your independence and the ability to devote more time to science and communication with people.
The most important thing in the OSC is that the student is an asset. Thanks to proactive, motivated people, our community grows. We are always glad to accept new members to our team, because these “newcomers” will continue the common cause, when we graduate from the university.


Sviatoslav Gusev

President of Optical Student Chapter of ITMO University


Alexey Trofimov

Vice-president of Optical Student Chapter of ITMO University



Daniel Gomon

Secretary of Optical Student Chapter of ITMO University



Tianmiao Zhang

Treasurer of Optical Student Chapter of ITMO University



Alexandr Grebenchukov

Activity coordinator of Optical Student Chapter of ITMO University



Mikhail Sharaevsky

Head of Technical Department of Optical Student Chapter


    • Member of SPIE ITMO University chapter;
    • Member of OSA ITMO University chapter.


Dr. Mikhail K. Khodzitsky

Advisor of Optical Student Chapter of ITMO University


    • Сhief of Terahertz Biomedicine Laboratory;
    • Vice-chief of Int. Laboratory of Radiation Medicine;
    • Associate professor;
    • Photonics and Optical Information Technologies Dept. ITMO University.