OSC ITMO University winter meeting in Udomlya

mMn9vjtGkwY-1024x680123Optical Student Chapter (OSC)!

From 7 to 11 of January, a journey to Udomlya town, Tver region, organized by Optical Student Chapter, was held. About 20 OSC members from three departments of ITMO University with different academic degrees (from 1-st year students of bachelor program to graduated Ph.D.-s) were participating in this event. For about 3 days, members of OSC were living far away from civilization in extreme conditions on the shore of the lake.

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Winter holidays – a healthy lifestyle, which is doubly useful if you spend time in the big friendly company.

During whole trip everybody had an opportunity to try themselves in skiing, sledding, ice skating, skiing, snowboarding and quad riding.

HzwsPlioT4A1Championship football freestyle – a significant event in the annals of Udomlya.

Also, within the framework of  the journey, OSC members visited final part of Freestyle Football championship, called «Udomlya Freestyle Open 2015».


sb3mkArjNxoTeams and  games.

In the final day of the trip there was a team-building organized for OSC members to try themselves as a persons occupying a responsible post and get some experience.